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10 hours ago, a bum with money said:


not even for a 5%- 10% discount? free shipping?  it all adds up.

5-10% off a 20% markup?


I'm a proper shopper, just me, it's BS. 


Retailmenot is the greatest of all wastes of time. 




Tale of two shocks-


Years ago, I followed the sheeple to Rockauto. KYB shocks, in two months one lost it's gas. I realized quickly that a return was foolish and at my expense. And I'd wait two weeks for these idiots fiddle-f around. 

Go to youtube and look up Rockauto........I'll never order from these people again. 


Last year, bought a set of Bilsteins from Summit. One was shipped with no bushings (arrived next day), I called, they immediately shipped out a replacement and a return label at their expense. 

No hassle, no questions, no BS. And they sent me a replacement before I sent back the original. 



Customer service has value, tremendous value.  

So, you save $2.84 on an item with your coupon code? I'll gladly pay triple your savings for quality customer service and quick ship. 


Study, actually study Advance's marketing and markup practices, I'm not the fool they'd like to think I am. 




Speed Hut. 

I ordered $1200 worth of gauges late June, I had not yet received them before Speed Hut had a 4th of July sale. I emailed and requested that they honor they sale price. Couple days later I got a revised receipt, couple days later I was refunded nearly $200. 

That is customer service and it's priceless. 


Reputable merchants, quality parts, fair prices = VALUE!


Shop smartly. 

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Essentially those sites are a waste of time. Use the forum codes, or contact the vendor in person and tell them you are a part of CC, CF,NAXJA, JF and you will usually get 10 to 15%off. I've had better service by making my orders via phone call. AMD even via Facebook messenger with some of the smaller 2 guy garage opeerations. 

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