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Seat removal

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If you can grab the top of the stud with vice grips you may be able to hold it steady while using a wrench to turn the bolt.  Use PB blaster ahead of time to help free it up.  You can also use a torch to heat the nut and stud to make it turn easier.

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On 8/5/2018 at 8:29 AM, Goose_XJ88 said:

Problem he's going to have is the nut falling into the "frame" once the nut is off.


I'm running into the same issue right now and debating how I can cut an access hole in the bottom for a new bolt/nut or tack the existing one in there. 

Exactly! I thought about, cutting a 3 sided flap on the unibody, fold it out of the way, pull the seat, reupholster it, then put the stud back in, tack it fast, reform the unibody and weld it back together!

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