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1987 Comanche 4x4


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**EDIT** - After looking up the VIN, I found that it is NOT the metric ton version and I apologize for any misleading information I may have posted. It does have the Dana 44 rear end though and it is the 7 foot bed.

I had made a few posts back some time ago and someone from this site told me that it was, or should be, a metric ton version. Again, no intentional misleading and I have corrected the posting.


Hey guys - I just simply don’t have time for this truck any more and I just can’t stand to see it sit here any more.

4.0 hasn’t ran in 8 years but I know why and it is a simple fix (or was then - just never had the time)

5 speed that shifted very well


Dana 44 rear and Dana 30 front (Does not have air assist lock)


Long bed


it is not pretty by it is 98% complete.


Really want to trade for Chevy 350 and transmission (carb - not fi) or wood working tools (planer, table saw, etc)....


i am not on on here much - so you can feel free to text (770-286-3857) or email me at knapro@hitmail.com




















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Correcting the two who felt it was a click bait....


The truck is located in Dallas, Georgia.

I just learned that it is NOT a metric ton version and I deeply apologize for any misleading information I may have posted.


The problem with the motor, at least originally, was the crank position sensor. My father gave me this truck to drive after I blew the engine in my Dodge Truck - 8 years ago. I ended up replacing the engine in my truck, but enjoyed driving the Jeep so much that I just kept driving it.

It finally started leaking oil from the back side of the motor. So, i pulled the motor to do a rear main seal. When I put it back together, i apparently didn't line the CPS up properly. It wouldn't start, but it would turn over.

We were in the process of getting ready to move and I had my Dodge truck back on the road, so it wasn't a high priority for me to go back to working on the MJ. So, I moved it to the new house and parked it.


My kids were getting older and wanting to do things to their cars/trucks - so my project took a back seat and I just never found a way back to it - until a couple of years ago. I wanted to get it back on the road, but I wasn't happy with the front end. I really wanted the color matched front grill like the newer model XJ's (I think 90-91...somewhere along in there). So, i thought that...if I started taking the front sheet metal off, it would motivate me to go out and finish the truck. BUT...a tree fell on the house we were living in and we were now having to move again.....


I loaded the Jeep up on my trailer and drove it to the new house and that's where she has sat for the last 2 years (or a little less).


Yes, mother nature has a good hold on her, but she will clean up and 99% of the parts are all there. Needs rear glass, head liner and floor mat.


The engine is solid, but will require rebuilding (No $#!&...I get it. i am just being Captain Obvious here).


One of the members just texted me, today, asking for the VIN to verify everything. After getting the VIN number, I was curious and wanted to look it up and check for myself - again, someone on here told me that it was, or should be, the MT version and I took their word for it. IF I found out that it wasn't true, i wanted to be the one to find it first and fess up and offer apologies - which I have done.

I don't, necessarily, have to get rid of it. i am just trying to focus on my other project a little more now (99 V8 S10 that I retook posession of from my son after he bought his car).


Any other questions, please feel free to ask. i will try to come back and respond as I can.


Thank you

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On 8/4/2018 at 8:55 AM, DesertRat1991 said:

What's the asking price?




"Mechanics hate him..."

 While some may think it isn't worth it, I have turned down an offer of $900. My target is $1200...but I am willing to negotiate some.

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