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Fuel tank and pump

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Alright so bear with me, this is my first post. I'm a college student who just bought a pretty rough 89 MJ longbed as a project the body is strait but thats about it. My first order of buisness is getting a new fuel tank and pump seeing as they are as gone as can be. my question is since i'm replacing both can i use an xj tank and filter or do i have to find one specificly for the mj? all in all I'm just trying to find out what my options are. what can i do? and what can i do for a moderate price?  I really apreciate this fourm, i've learned alot alreay so thanks to all of you who help the fledgling jeepers like me - Alan

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A quick good search will reveal replacement mj fuel tanks. Xj are shaped different and have different fuel pickups. For the filler itself that shouldn't be hard to find one that will work by browsing a junkyard once you get your tank and hoses. Now if you literally don't have a fuel tank/sender/pump that'll make it a bit more difficult. I think I saw on here a while back someone found a guy making new senders but I could be wrong


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Edit, I see you said filter not filler. I thought mjs had in line filters? A quick search would answer that to I bet

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When you say "gone as can be" I'm assuming you mean "missing".


You can buy new repop tanks. RockAuto.com would be one potential source. You could also try your favourite local parts store, although my experience ordering them hasn't been great. First time around I got sent an XJ tank which is very much the wrong shape, second time it took two months (for a body shop's parts supply) to get one to where it needed to be. Last I checked, rockauto also had the hanger straps too. 


Finding a fuel pump isn't too tricky either. The pump is the same as an XJ pump for the same engine. Ditto on the filter. As was said, it's an inline filter, just north of the tank along the frame rail. 

The tricky part assuming you are in fact missing everything will be finding the pump hanger/ fuel level sending assembly. Generally referred to here as the "sending unit". They're NLA from Mopar, and no one's repopping them either. Some parts stores incorrectly have the XJ sending unit listed as fitting MJs, and while some members have managed to make them work, it's not going to be a bolt-in affair. MJ senders do come up from time to time on eBay, and you can watch the classifieds on here too. 


For $#!&s, here's my MJ's 23-gallon tank next to the XJ tank I was sent the first time around. 


I mean if you were really ambitious I'm sure you could make it work, but it's definitely not worth it if all you're looking to do is replace the factory tank.

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