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Factory cruise control - breakdown and other Q's

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Several questions - Ill see if I can make this understandable.  I was not able to find any of this thru searching.


First off, I'm not interested in fixing it.  I just want to know how to access the upper cable and what cables to get in the future.

Previous owner gutted the factory cruise control.  Cruise control servo and cruise control stalk are still intact.  It does not, however, work.  I don't know what was removed as I know nothing about the cruise control system. 


Questions are as follows - 1) Theoretically, if I needed to replace the speedometer cable, could I just get a non cruise control one and run that to the gauge cluster?

2) Does the cruise control servo still need to be on the truck?  IE - does a cable run through it?

3) Where is the mystical upper cable located?  I read about it in every cruise control article/thread but I cannot find it.

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The cruise control system uses two cables: One from the t-case through the fire wall to a rev-counter (long cable); second from the rev counter to the back of the speedo (short cable).  To my knowledge, the short cable is NLA.  The rev-counter feeds the engine speed to the control module.


The servo works off a vacuum.  A cable runs from the servo to the throttle body to keep the engine speed constant.


As mentioned, the short cable is inside the cab, behind the instrument cluster.


I have an extra short cable.  I pulled it from some junk XJs.


The long cable is still available from NAPA.

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