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spare tire "winch driver" for 86 Comanche?

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Looking to test the spare tire winch on my 86 Comanche Diesel.  The owners manual says: 


"2. Insert the winch driver (B) in the hole  (C) above the bumper, and slide the wrench handle (D) over the winch driver as shown. 


3. Press the winch driver all the way inside the hole.  Be sure the driver is properly engaged, then turn the handle counterclockwise to lower the spare tire to the ground."


Not surprisingly, I can not find the "winch handle" in the 30+ year old truck.


Can someone post a picture of it or tell me what you use to lower the spare tire winch?


This seems to be a "feature" of the 1986 truck.  On my 91, the same tool used to raise the jack is used to lower the spare tire winch.


BTW, the truck is also missing the 86 only spare tire retaining/mounting bar.



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Before I found the full set of spare tire tools, I just used a large flat head screwdriver. The flathead end of the tire iron will work too (and is what I normally use to work the winch on my 91). Is the '86 spare tire winch somehow different?

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Follow up report:


Winch is frozen.  Can not rotate the winch shaft more than a few degrees in either direction.  Even put a pipe wrench on the outside of the winch drive shaft with same results.


Looks like I will have to remove the spare tire winch to resolve the issue.


Any suggestions?

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