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No voltage to fuel pump.

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My 1988 4.0 automatic will not start. :hmm: I have spark. I have no voltage to the fuel pump when I checked at the connection comming from the engine compartment by the fuel tank with the key on.

No voltage at the ballast resister ether.

Which relay is the fuel pump relay? Location? :dunno: The schematics that I have are weak concerning the fuel pump :mad:

Anyone have a better diagram or schematic :redX:


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Fuel pump relay is located on passenger's side inner fender in a bank of 3 or 4 relays usually under a plastic cover (unless removed). If you're standing along side the vehicle, it's the second from the right.

1st- Oxygen sensor heater relay

2nd- Fuel pump relay

3rd- Power latch relay

4th- A/C clutch relay


Google Renix manual, this has good information assuming your truck is 1990 or earlier.

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