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87' Comanche Throttle Sticking

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Hi, I've got a 1987 Comanche, 4.0L automatic with a sticky throttle. It doesn't reliably return to idle after letting off the gas. This problem has been happening for years, but lately it's gotten so bad that I don't feel comfortable driving it. I removed the throttle cable the other day to see if that was the problem, but it still sticks without it attached. After lubricating every part of the throttle linkage I could see, I decided the throttle spring itself most likely needs to be replaced.

The problem is: I can't find any information about this spring. All my searches for "throttle spring" return images of springs of a completely different type. The spring I'm looking for is one that is designed to be twisted, not pulled.

Does anyone know where I can find one of these?


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go to junk yard and get a old throttle body for the renix, or find one online. Or you can just get a long spring, attach it to the arm and the fuel rail.


In all my years I never had a renix spring fail on the throttle body. I have a stack of them and I checked non of them are bad. I would clean out your throttle body and check for deposits on the butterfly that is keeping it from returning.

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mine failed. :(  spring rusted so bad it broke (the truck lived in michigan most all its life).  a long spring worked as a bandaid for a while but eventually sitting around in georgia caused the rest of the linkage to seize up and so I just swapped out the whole assembly for a clean junkyard unit.  :D   I love southern junkyards!  

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Thanks for the replies.  I managed to hook a spring onto the throttle linkage and the bracket I assume is for the cruise control (visible in the bottom right in my first picture).  It works well enough to be drivable for now.


Looking at the throttle on my 92 XJ, it's got a completely different (and much simpler!) linkage setup.  I wonder if I could swap in a throttle of that type without any modifications.

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