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new project, need help with renix

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So I am a recent new mj owner as of 2 days ago. I have mostly owned and built xjs from the ground up so most of my experience is with the newer 4.0 and not renix. That being said I have a few questions along with pictures. 


From the first time I drove this truck, I was told it need new hubs and u joints (axle shaft) and they are ordered. Another big concern I have is the engine idle and operating. It hesitates to start sometimes, and then it idles so poor that the engine almost feels it is going to cut off so I have to add ease into the throttle a little bit to keep it going. once running for a few minutes the engine still runs pretty rough but seems it can manage running on its own. The firing order is correct and the spark plugs seem fine (new cap rotor and plugs are ordered as well). before i start tearing stuff apart do you have guys any recommendations for this issue of a rough start and idle. 


Other issues include but not limited to:


- No overflow bottle  and it's an open system so the radiator just has a hole open for the overflow hose 

- no stock airbox so I need to figure out vacuum leak situation and what goes where 

- an exhaust leak and an exhaust rattle (looks like metal on metal rattle) 

-thermostat leaking because the stud on the bottom is stripped and the housing can't goes in all the way. 

-odometer doesn't work (says 240k) 



other than that the frame is solid with no rust, some subframe rust but not to bad. The steering is decent and the suspension seems fine. So my question is buying a vehicle this old with multiple owners etc and multiple issues what should be the first areas I should focus on? And Any renix advice would be appreciated:).  Oh, and the truck was only 800$ and I got to drive it home.












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What year?


Anyone with a Renix needs to check out Cruiser's Renix Tips - www.cruiser54.com


Additionally, you can purchase Nick's Renix Engine Monitor (REM).  Search for Nickintime on either facebook or youtube.  He sells a scanner that will read the Renix ECU.


On CC there are pdfs for the 88 electrical wiring and the Renix fuel system.


88 electrical 



Fuel system 


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