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a/c recharge

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the bottles you're referring to are r134a refrigerant, but our trucks came with r12. the adapters can be had at most auto parts stores, however you may need to replace some parts due to leaks. you also have to remove all the r12 before converting. while you can vent it to the atmosphere on your own, this is illegal and should be done by a licensed shop. the other possibility is recharging with r12 at a licensed shop, but r12 is considerably more expensive than r134a.

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I just tried to convert my '89 to 134 & we found a leaking Schrader valve. Thought it would be no big deal except we could not find a replacement. Apparently they have been discontinued & the only solution other than a junkyard replacement(which may also leak) is a new aftermarket compressor. :headpop: Good thing winter is right around the corner.

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