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2.5 block interchange years?

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There’s a 2.5 5speed 4x4 86 XJ near by for sale not running. And I’m tempted.

I know it’s probably the Renix so maybe the troubleshooting will get it back to running.

Being 5speed it should have 4.10 gears. But the np207 and ax5.


I could make it a 2.8 v6 or some bastardization there in. But I thought the 2.5 engine was supposed to be pretty good. Little sister to the 4.0 and all of that.

For the sake of curiosity if the engine were kaput what year 2.5 block or engine would work? I know the 4.0 and newer 3.7 v6 have a much wider interchange than the parts catalogues say.




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Thanks Pete M and Jeep Driver.
I’m just trying to figure out worst case costs and parts availability, which is tremendous if any 2.5 is a contender.

My bet would be the Renix troubleshooting would get it running. I doubt the 2.5 is bad.
Biggest obstacle is rolling her eyes at me for wanting another Jeep and a project Jeep at that. Probably should have waited until after the 14th to mention it.

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