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Was rolling through my bookmarks this evening and my CC one took me to a blank page with an error message.  I panicked and thought that the forum had gone into hibernation, but was relieved to find that my bookmark address was just a bit outdated.  Figured I'd stop by and see what the crew was up to and drop a quick note.  


Still have all of my MJs, but haven't done much with them over the past couple years.  Got married, started a family and have been focusing all of my energy and finances in getting our home where it needs to be as my little guy is slowly transforming into a big guy.


I intend on getting back into Comanche land when the weather warms up as I've engaged in a bit of a battle with my town over a couple of the vehicles that are parked outside of my shop - one of which is the factory diesel MJ.  Neighbors have voiced complaints that I have too many vehicles on the property and something needs to be done about it.  At this time there is no town ordinance that prohibits me from having as many vehicles as I do, but it appears they may create one and pass it in the near future.  Part of the problem is that I have a family member living with me and she has three of her own vehicles - one of which is her police cruiser, which is actually helping me in this matter.  Bottom line - if you can move to the country where there isn't a neighbor in sight - take the opportunity!


Hope all is well with you all!

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Pete - I'm going to steer clear of the legal path if I can help it.  Not all of the vehicles I have are registered/plated due to how the state of MD has structured that system - it can be VERY painful and expensive.  If a vehicle is registered in MD, it must have insurance.  If it does not, you must turn in your plates or you receive a fine that accumulates on a daily basis for every day that vehicle is uninsured.  I found this out the hard way when I put my motorcycle up for sale and the insurance ran out about a week before I sold the bike and turned in the plates (something else that is required in MD).  About 4 months after I sold it I received a notice in the mail from MD that was an invoice detailing my fine.  I guess the state of MD has all of the insurance companies on speed dial to keep tabs on you...


Unfortunately the diesel has not gotten the attention it deserves, but I fiddle around with it every now and then - mainly just running it every now and then.  My neighbors don't appreciate it when it's running as it emits a plume of black smoke.  I haven't dug too deep into why it's running so rich, but I do know that the PO had the timing belt replaced, but he never had the timing belt cover that goes over the cam pulley and also contains the all-important timing mark.  I purchased a timing belt cover from the Winnebago place in Iowa right after I bought the truck and found that the timing is off by a tooth.  Corrected that issue, but she's still putting out a good amount of soot.


I still keep an eye on eBay for the random NOS knick-knacks that crop up for the MJ/XJ diesels and I'll generally buy them if the prices aren't completely absurd (i.e. $400 for a fuel sending unit that is nothing more than a pickup tube and a float).  I'll probably never even need a majority of the parts I've obtained, but there's something kinda nostalgic about seeing them in their original, and often tattered, boxes.  I recently took a large metal cabinet that my work was going to throw out just so I could start storing the random odds and ends for the diesel.


Ben - I really do appreciate your offer, although I haven't the faintest idea when I'll be at that point.  I did start cutting away some of the rotted metal last summer, but there is a lot more that needs to be done to get it anywhere near the point where new floors can be welded in.  Unfortunately, it's so far gone that the pre-stamped floor panels you can get online (made for XJs) wouldn't be enough.  Much of the trans tunnel needs to be cut away and the rot extends pretty far up into the firewall.  I work with an older gentleman who has been doing sheet metal work and welding for the majority of his professional career and restores old Mopars as a hobby.  He claims he has pulled old Chargers out of the weeds and they didn't even have a floor and he was able fabricate and weld one back in that looked like it was factory.  I had him drop by one day after work and take a look at the diesel because I wanted to get his take on it and pick his brain about how to properly address a few areas that I've never seen rotted out on an MJ or XJ.  He said the repair can definitely be accomplished, but it's going to take a while to make it right and there will be a fair share of profanity uttered.

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