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Renix 4.0 Temp Gauge sender

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I got my replacement instrument cluster today. It came out of the same year I have a 87 but it was a xj not mj. All went well plugged in fine happy that my oil gauge is working again as it should.


My problem is I bought the new temp sender that goes on the back of the head. Installed no problems, however it is still not working. when I first hit the key it moves a bit then right back to under 100 on the new cluster/same as old. So looks my old cluster was not completely bad.


So I am going to check the wiring to make sure the circuit it working right, I will do later this weak after the rain passes. Now I am wonder what part number is the right one.


I got the part number BWD-WT387 that was all they said they carry at local auto part store, was 4.99 so no skin off my back if it was wrong one.


I found these part numbers online AIRTEX/WELLS 1T1160 and FOUR SEASONS 37407  They say Sender with gauge so I am assuming they are the correct one. 


Can anyone tell me affirmative on these part numbers? or if they are wrong the right one!

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Both Auto Zone and Advance Auto show only the one for the idiot light, nothing for the gauge.


You can do a GO - NO GO test on your wiring and gauge with a simple test. I don't remember which way the needle goes, but basically remove the wire from the sensor and leave it in air, not touching anything. Turn on ignition -- needle should be all the way to one side of the scale. Now ground the wire to the engine -- needle should swing all the way to the opposite end of the scale.

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yep that worked! The gauge full ground makes it go all the way to right or hot. When off it is all the way to left.

So now I will set out to try and find the right part. The old sensor died completely I retested it acted like nothing connected. I never changed the old one it same one from 87. the idiot light sender I put in was a wasted 5 bucks but it is ok.

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If you buy one of the ones listed on Rockauto to be correct you can just send it back if it isn't actually.  You have to call them to do it, their automated return system won't let you.  I sent back a cam sensor that was incorrectly listed before, they sent me a shipping label to do it.  They were pleasant about the issue.  Obviosuly there's some issues with what senders cross reference given what is going on with the listings on there.

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