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AX-15 bellhousing

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since this topic seems to be answered I'm going to further the question.


can you convert a pre-94 AX15 to external slave and if so how? pics? necessary parts list?




parts list is;

post-94 external slave bellhousing.

slave cylinder

clutch fluid line

pressure plate for correct application.



you can't convert an internal slave to an external slave without machine-work.

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you'd need to provision bolt holes at the bleeder valve hole for the slave cylinder, somehow build a pressure plate and throwout bearing assembly plus a pivot point for it to work in there, that would work with your 4.0 clutch...


it could be done, but when external slave bellhousings and assemblies ARE available...well, it's just not worth it.


it's a project I wouldn't bother with and I have full access to a machine shop and a friend who can weld aluminum for free...

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