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88 Sportruck

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She's a 2.5, 4-speed, 2wd, shortbed. Major rust repairs on body and rear frame to be done. Came with a front axle and 5-speed tranny with transfercase to become a 4wd but not certain if I want to change it yet! Also has a couple inches of lift with new coils in front and shackles in back. Progress to come when I can find the time and $$$.




Plans so far: Clean it up, and give it a nasty green paint job.






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Now that we're getting nice warm weather up here, I've begun starting the processes.

First step was to rip up the floor and see how it looked under there. Which revealed some not so nice rough patches a previous owner performed with some thin metal and rivets...fbd05411aa9b4d7700e9d5cd4c1a98df.jpgf7bd7aefee08fa9b576b561b30319400.jpg

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Looking for some input from more experienced mj owners on what to do with the floor. My idea was to get the new metal down and instead of putting back in the carpet and have the same thing happen again, I was going to paint over it.

Thoughts on what kinds of paints would be the best? If this is a good idea? Have you tried it?

I have a ranger that I sanded the rockers down and used truck bed coating on them and it came out looking alright and [seems to be] pretty rugged.

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