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What about this header on a TUPY 0331 head?

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That's the header I have on my XJ.


19 hours ago, sinkrun said:

Can anyone tell for for sure what it would take to put this on a 89 thats all factory 4.0 other than the bung for the tube from the manifold.


You'll need the HO intake manifold and everything to make that work.  It will not clear the Renix one.  You will not get it to clear by grinding anything or lightly denting a primary tube on the header.



I don't know if the collector flange is in the same location as a stock HO one is.  I cut mine off and put a V-band flange on it because I needed the clearance to get a flex pipe in before it would foul my driveshaft.  I added a stainless O2 bung from Summit as well.



BTW, it is actually made mostly of 3XX stainless.  The flange is 4XX I believe.  It's amazing how cheap you can build a header when barefoot children are bending the tubes and welding them together in a dirt floor tin shed in China.

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