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99 TJ Harness Question

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Question that I can't remember the answer to. I've got an 2.5 out of a 93 or 95 YJ MPFI. Don't have the engine harness to it. But I am able to get one out of a 99 TJ 2.5. I can't remember if they changed the connectors from 97+ for OBDII. Would it still work if the sensors and senders were swapped with the 99 or will the 93 or 95 work? 

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I seriously doubt you can swap an OBDII TJ harness onto an OBDI YJ motor without major issues.  I have both types of Jeeps here and off the top of my head the ODBII harness has many more sensors, the cumputer connection is different and there are two ECUs, its a different ignition type, etc.

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Even 93-95 harness might not play well together. OBDII engine is not going to play with OBDI body harness.
Some of the sensors on the engine can be the same or similar but the sweeping changes made with OBDII made most of it incompatible. Judging from the XJ changes I doubt the main harness will even come close to connecting.
If the block and head stay the same through the years you should be able to use whatever you can get the complete harness for, although the OBDII will probably have a few new sensors that might not have a place on the old 93 motor.

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