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Bench or 2 seats?

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I recently got a 1989 Comanche for only $600. It hit a deer, but that's about it. It's already almost fixed entirely, but I am still deciding on what to use as seats. It already has a bench in it (which I wanted to get rid of, only because of  rips and holes), but I don't know if I want a bench or 2 seats. It's a 5 speed manual, so having a bench for a third person is kind of useless, because of the lack of room. The other problem I had was that I wanted a console, or just something to rest my arm on(I am going to make this into a daily driver). I have a Cherokee for parts, and I'm not sure if the center console would just mount in, or if I have to go look for a parts Comanche for a console. In the end, I guess I am almost certain that I want two seats, as opposed to a bench, however I am not sure about the console.  Also are there any recommended places in Georgia, or any close states, for seats, or any parts( or any websites)? Any help will be appreciated. I will check back on this in a few days, but I might forget.

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3 hours ago, dasbulliwagen said:

Theres a writeup somewhere on installing a Dakota bench in a Comanche, gives you a fold down armrest and option for a middles seat.

Yeah I thought about something like that, so that you could have the best of both worlds. But I think I may just stick with the console. But I would really like to have where its like a bench, and 3 seats, like in an OBS. You know, where there are 2 seats, but the center console flips backwards and you have a mini seat in the middle. My only problem would be finding one that could fit.

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