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won't start and fuel pump continues to prime

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hello I have a 87 MJ with 2.5, I had it recently rebuilt and it ran ok. Now it won't start and I notice the fuel pump continues to run as if its priming.


It will turn over and etc. Tried starting fluid and no luck. I check the wiring harness by the master cylinder and it looked bad so I cut it out and went straight with the wires, but still doing the same thing. I read it could be the ecu. I checked it (a renix ef 8953004763) and it looks fine and does not smelt burned up


any ideas would be great.


thanks for your time

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If it won't fire or start with starting fluid you need to verify if your ignition system is working.  Pull a spark plug and check, or stick an extension in the boot, etc.


I know nothing about that engine, but it's troubleshooting 101.  If you're providing it with fuel (starting fluid) and it won't fire, then there is a problem with the other two things you need (air or spark).


I also imagine that you might have stuck injectors, which would explain the pump continuing to run, and the lack of willingness to start (too rich to fire).  But probably not.


Or you didn't give it enough starting fluid, and the fuel pump or regulating system has $#!& the proverbial bed.  There should be a schrader for a fuel pressure test gauge somewhere, but again, I don't know.

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