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Brake line help for 6" lift...need help

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hey all...what brake lines are you all running with the SOA and the front supspension...I'm either gunna be running a longarm or a RE front 5.5 kit that I'm piecing together and need help with the brake lines...


what ones up front w/ plenty of slack for suspension droop

what one out back also w/plenty for suspension droop...


Thx all

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I run the RE one's in the front with my 6.5" coils. On my XJ that's at aprox. 5" of lift I've just relocated the bracket and bent the hose straight.


On the rear I just relocated it down further. I'm SOA in the back and had it flexed pretty good a few days ago and had plenty of room left.




In this pic you can see how much hose is hanging down.



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I just put 95 YJ lines up front on my MJ after lifting about 4". They're a good 3" longer than stock MJ/XJ lines. I'm going SOA in a couple weeks, and grabbed a late model Dakota rear line. It'll go in when the axle goes under.



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