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Wiring Questions

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I was reading about some of the wiring issues with these trucks.


I am having issues with my blinkers too!!!!

When the pass side blinkers are turned on the light comes on in the dash but nothing blinks. The hazards all work as they should, as do the driver side lights.


Do you think its in the switch(column or lever) or the blinker itself (fusebox circle thingy)?


My park lights do work too.


Also does ANYONE know where I can get a decent wiring diagram for these trucks? Haynes and Chiltons are not enought to trace everything down.




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I solved a similar problem by simply installing a new "round blinker thingy". I used a high resistance one so that having a trailer hooked up won't change how fast they blink.

Good point. The turn signals use a separate blinker "can" than the hazrads, so the fact the hazard blinkers work normally doesn't prove much. By all means, try a new blinker. As a check, you can just swap the two -- they fit the same socket.

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sometimes the flasher goes bad and only one side will work fine.


the way a flasher works is it's a metal filiment that flaps open and close....it when it heats up after contact, it opens and shuts the blinker off.


due to the heat, they can sometimes fuse together and that would cause a "no-blink" on one light, but the other side could still work.


so replace it. it's a $3 part.

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Same problem here i have a bad ground on the drivers side and i have to tap on the lense cover of the light to make the dash light go out. Everything still works it just looks funny when the dash indicator is on.

I have to go in and soder an addition lead on to the socket or the case and run it to body ground, just haven't had the time to take the lens out and look at it to make the ground better.

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The ground for the tail lights in the trucks bed is just inside of the driverside tail light. If the passenger side isn't functioning correctly, and you swaped out the flasher and still have a problem, check the wiringin the trucks bed, the wires run to the drivers side tail light, then accross the back/under the bed to the passenger side. Could be the wire is Fubard in this area.


Good luck, let us know what fixed it when ya figure it out.

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