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1992, Sport truck?




4.0 / AW4 / 2wd / d35 / SWB


Build date: 9/ 91


Current Location: Sacramento California


Status: Just passed smog with close to zeros across the board. Going to be a periodic dd.


Notes: Nothing special, looks to have had a sports bar at one time. Red exterior, gray cloth interior, Bench seat, dummy gauges, column shift, black bumpers front and rear.


Current owner: Plan on keeping it for a while. Going to do an Eliminator Tribute truck with a sports bar. Also have a 4wd AW4, 242, and MJ d44 to swap in. Got the full cluster ready to go in with matching mileage. Going to do a 97+ console with console shifter and buckets of some kind (96 2 door XJ buckets, or WJ buckets. Also plan on dropping it with ZJ coils, XJ shackles, and blocks. I have have a 99 intake waiting to be swapped in as well. Plan on this being an autocross style truck.

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Alright, now that I have owned this thing a little longer now, I am a little torn on the bucket seats idea. I like being able to have the dogs lay down on the bench seat but I also like how comfortable the bucket seats in my XJ are.

I am also thinking about keeping the column shift mainly because I finally came across a 4wd shift indicator for a column shift truck. HENS TEETH!


I finally located a HO Header panel and red grill pieces that will be installed along with a replacement hood since the one on it was dented and is hard to open. I really need to get my 99 XJ back together so I can get the Windshield replaced in it and the Comanche at the same time to try and save on install cost. I also picked up a JCR DIY rear bumper for this thing last back Friday but haven't built it yet because other Jeep has higher priority and I don't have a welder yet.


I still plan on doing the 4wd swap, lower it, and install the roll bar at some point but right now it is not high on my priority list as the truck drives just fine as is. Also want to do a re-spray the factory Colorado Red and bedline the bed for protection.

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