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Best front shock for 6" lift

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Getting ready to do a 6" lift, was wondering what the best front shocks woud be. Ive read through most of the shock threads on here and everyone loves OME's, but it doesnt look like they go that tall, and they are pricey. People say the Bilsteins are stiff, and then theres Rustys... Anyways, what have you used and had good experiences with? Thanks

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I ordered the 5100's. Went through Amazon. They delivered a pair right on time, but one of the shock boxes was open, tore up and had no hardware. So I contacted Amazon, they said they couldn't just send me the hardware, so sent me another shock. Got the new one.... same problem. Box tore up, no hardware. Contacted again. They said they got ahold of the shipping place to make sure it didn't happen again. It will be waiting for me when I get home tonight so we will see what happens. Still have to send two of them back also. AT least they are paying for it. I guess it might help too that I'm a Prime member.

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