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1987 jeep Comanche

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The 8.8 out of the Explorer is a bit narrower, 58.5" vs 60" sort of thing.  Depending what wheels you run you might want a set of spacers, the front axle is wider than the rear anyways (61") so you can run a set of 1.25" spacers and it winds up bang on with the front.  Later Explorer axles (94+ IIRC) are disk brake.

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Can you define what your goal is here?


The D30 front is okay and will hold up got most mild usage and 33-34" tires.  The JK variant seems to be able to handle 35" tires and a fair amount of abuse with a few upgrades, and lots of guys are running around with 37" tires on them.


Swapping to a totally different front axle involves a fair amount of fab work or an expensive (and not ideal) bracket kit (plus still a bunch of work to remove other brackets and weld it on).  For every 10 'built' Jeeps you see, only one has something other than the stock (or other basically bolt in Jeep variant) front axle.  It's just a lot of work and expense.


I've got a Ford D60 (out of a 94 F-350) in the front of my XJ, and I have a lot more money and time into that than I would ever care to admit.

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I'm going to be using a ram 9.25 on mine and i believe that i have one inch spacers per side to match the width on the stock front axle but if you can fab you could get a front from a 1500 ram 4x4 as well.


It depends on the generation.  Some are 62" wide, others are 64" wide, I believe.  The 9.25 is a good axle though.


The 1500 D44 front is a pile of garbage.

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