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Sinking Air Filter

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Greetings all.  When I first got Ole Red, I checked the Air filter and noticed it was sagging down into the filter box.  I assumed (always a mistake for me), that PO must have gotten a filter that was a little too small.  So I got a stock size replacement (CA3901) and put it in. Seemed to line up ok. I checked the air filter today to see how it was looking and it was sunk. Basically it is long enough but the sides could be a bit wider for support to keep it from sinking.  So, now I wonder do I have a non stock filter box?  I tried to kinda search around for a wider filter of the same length and found this one  Spectre Performance HPR3901 for 20 bucks.   :(  



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That's a stock box, the one clip on the engine side is not. It's probably just stretched some from heat and age. You could try cinching it together a little with something through the box below where the lower part of the filter would sit. Not sure if it's really necessary.

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