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Lift kit options

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Hi guys, I would like to get a 3" lift kit but I'm in a budget of $450. I saw the Rough Country kit for $330 but I want to know what suggestions you guys have. Once I obtain, is there additional parts that need to be upgraded or replaced?


1989 Comanche - Base Model



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Build your own kit out of used parts or clearance parts. Build the suspension to suit your needs.


3" coils, shocks, Chevy1500 brake lines, discos or extended link and track bar, up front coupled with AAL or shackle and shocks in rear should come in under your budget with careful shopping.

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CL can be your friend. People are often leary about shipping but many will. Just have to show them you aren't a Russian hacker trying to get to their bank account. 

My full set of MOABs 16" wheels were less than $250.  All from CL.  But I digress. 


My lift is 2" Rusty's Coils,  JKS ACOS, Rough Country gas shocks  up-front.  Full length Iron Rock AALs and Rough Country gas shocks in the back. Great start IMHO and

the ACOSs leave me options to go higher easily.  Purchased new longer brake lines, IMMMSC using Alexia's guide via RockAuto. 


The 2" coils were cheaper, the ACOSs were used but never USED via CL, and the RC shocks while FIRM were inexpensive but with a warranty and RockAuto can work if the

leading chains are not close. 


Again, with a little work/patience/planning you can do it with good parts on the cheap. 

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