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WJ Booster + sensing valve removal... rear axle connections??

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I've got a new WJ booster and master cylinder sitting in the comanche right now.  The front line on the WJ master goes to the rear of the old MJ proportioning valve and reversed for the rear line.  


On the proportioning valve I have the front output removed and connected to what was previously the rear axle feed.  What was originally the rear axle feed has been blocked off completely.  just like this: http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL91/512063/1637926/182326880.jpg


I thought everything was done and went to bleed the brakes... no fluid to the rear axle.  BUT I do have a leak coming from the line I disconnected back up at the proportioning valve.  Is there a step that I missed back at the axle end?  Do I need to plug a port or something on the sensing valve line over the axle as well?

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That's what happened to me..the rear brake in the proportioning valve is considered an emergency bypass...

You need to use the line that's on the front of the proportioning valve that goes to the load sensing valve.

Here's a pic of mine not perfect...




And here's a write-up one of our members just did...



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Man, I had a ton screwed up.  All lines routed correctly, Sensing valve is out, new bleeders installed all around, and the system actually bled quite quickly after that.


I know it's supposed to be a figure of speech, but i wasn't expecting what happened when I hit the pedal the first time. I literally almost hit the windshield.  The swap is most definitely worth the time  and makes me less hesitant for the step up to 33's when the time comes.

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