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XJ Springs on MJ

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Hey guys, 

I am about to finish my build, but i am stuck on something. I am putting a 1999 XJ difs on my MJ, I did the instal already and it gave me a good lift in the back, but i am not happy with that lift. I want to weld some spring pad perches on the bottom of my XJ dif so it can fit on like the original dif. My question is, If I get a Lift for an XJ that comes with the complete Leaf springs, will i be able to mount the differential over the leaf spring like the MJ comes originally, or will i have to spend a little extra penny and get one for an MJ.




If this has been answered or asked before, feel free to send me the link of the post






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MJ perch center to center is 42", on under side of axle. XJ is something like 43" on top side.


I made a spring under Bastard pack using Dakota leaves, XJ leaves and a stock 2wd and another stock 4wd MJ leaf packs. And then a set of GM lowering shackles. And Monroe load assists for shocks.

Mixed and matched until I was where I liked it.

As I have an 8.8 under it now, it lowered my rear about 3/4" and the spring perches used dropped me another 1/2". If the 99 XJ axle is an 8.25 expect similar results you'll have to account for as well. But the strength gain from a 99 8.25 is well worth it.

I built my pack to take weight, for towing and hauling crap, so I went fairly stiff in the rear. If I pull the load assists it's much smoother and drops about 3/4".


That's with a 32" tire to add perspective.



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