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Best parts for 4wd swap?

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I'm thinking of upgrading my 89 4.0 2WD MJ to 4WD ( automatic), if you guys had time to search or save up for all the best parts possible such as transfer case, front differential, limited slip for both differentials to do the swap what would they be? I would really want to take my time and get a very nice 4WD set up going, thanks in advance.

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I'm going to keep it a daily driver but it will occasionally be used for off road, it will be a week end warrior type of build. I'm just a picky when it comes to putting projects together I like overbuilding things for peace of mind.

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Personally, I'd find a stock XJ  (96 or older) for about $1000 and buy it.  Then I'd drive the XJ around for a couple weeks to make sure everything works as it should and the engine has plenty of power etc etc.


Then I'd strip the entire engine bay and drivetrain form the MJ and swap in everything from the XJ.  If you take your time, it's not that hard.  


Then I'd sell off everything that's left over and probably make the $1000 back.


Bam.  Free upgrade to 4x4 and H.O. 4.0L.  Not to mention you might get upgraded seats, a full center console, AC, power windows and locks, etc etc.

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