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NP231 linkage

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You take off the stock lever that faces down and uses a push motion and put the new one 180° to face up with a pull motion. So instead of the lever going front to back 2-4h-n-4l it goes 4l-n-4h-2. Of that makes sense. Also which one did you get there's an old and a new style that they have. Is it like a straight line of holes at a 45 degree angle or a circle of holes?

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Ya there isn't too much real step by step or advice out there. Just a bunch of oh ya I did its


This is a picture of the NP231 shifter that I made for my 88 Comanche Chief.

I've had in in the truck for over a year and haven't had any problems.   Works perfectly




I've got detailed sketches if anyone is interested in building one.   Some welding is required.

Most of the parts are from the original shifter......with modification

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So today i bought the boostwerks linkage kit and I noticed in the pictures the shift lever on the transfer case points upwards but on mine the lever points Downwards in the 2wd position is this a simple un bolt the lever and change the postition?

I did it yesterday and ya you just flip it over. it takes like 10 minutes to install the whole thing and it's great

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