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XJ Windows

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I'm hoping to get Old Faithful (my original '88 XJ) back on the road for the winter. It doesn't have tinted glass, and awhile ago I was given a set of factory tinted rear quarter windows from an XJ Limited. Does anyone know what's involved in swapping those windows out? Are they glued in, or is it as simple as working the old gasket out of the opening and working the "new" one in?

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The glass guy did both in under 10 minutes.



1) Did he remove the interior trim around the windows?


2) Did he use adhesive/sealant in the grooves of the gaskets when reinstalling?


3) If so, what kind of adhesive/sealant? Butyl? Urethane?

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I did this on my 2 door xj going from a 1 pce glass to the 2 pce vent window....


I didn't have to remove the interior pcs in the cargo area but it would be a lot easier working with free space...


I didn't have to use any sealant neither...I did the same exact process on the video that the guy from bleepin jeep explained....

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