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XJ shackle on a SOA MJ

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Can anybody shed some light on if it's a bad idea to use a Cherokee rear shackle (which is shorter than the MJ shackle) on a SOA lift. I want the ground clearance of SOA but not digging the potential of 6" of lift. Resarch has shown me there is a potential of "shackle invert" if I run the shorter shackle.


I'm putting in a Ford 8.8 with RuffStuffSpecialties leaf spring kit. My leafs are 2wd.


Any insight would be great, thanks.

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I had a tight budget when I did my 4wd swap, so I put my SOA 8.25 in and used XJ shackles to lower it some to make the forward slant more bearable on stock front suspension. My pinion angle was off with them on, but that can be fixed with shims. They lowered me about 1.5 inches. I don't know about shackle invert, but it worked fine for me the short time I had them on. 

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