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Headlights don't work

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Okay guys, my headlights won't turn on, but my dash lights will and the dimmer is fully functional. The high beams don't work, but the indicator light is activated, if that makes sense. I ask because I haven't seen a solution to my certain problem. I already have replaced my headlamp switch. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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Check the connector for the headlamp switch to see if it's melted. It's a common problem. Whether it is or not, you should look up a headlight harness upgrade. There are commercially available products or you could make your own. Basically the stock headlight wiring isn't quite up to the task, which leads to overheating the headlamp switch. Mine set itself on fire. The upgrade harness uses relays to reduce the load on the headlight switch, preventing fires (or other headlight failures) from happening.


The other thing I would check is whether you have power to the headlight harness. The connector for it is kinda below the airbox, behind the driver's side headlight, towards the bottom of the fender. It might need a good cleaning.


Also, the chance of having both filaments of both headlights burn out at the same time is slim, but still worth checking. Do you have parking lights?

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