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Need help with ICM

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I am also working on a crank-no start issue. Mechanic that installed the CPS a few weeks ago tested my ICU and coil with his powered probe and found them working. Also found power was going to the ECU but it was not sending the signal to fire the coil. When I got the jeep home, I took a meter to the ICU yellow wire (A) and got 5v which is what I read in the SM.  Is this the correct voltage going into the ICU? I am thinking the CPS that was installed is bad, when I did Cruisers tip on testing it I have been getting around .4 and it seems each seperate time I test it the values are  dropping. 

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Yes, as strange as it sounds I am holding off on deleting it for now unless it is determined to be the direct cause. A few days ago I took the wires from the back half and plugged them directly into the front wires to make sure they had a tight connection with each other and reduce the possibilities of the connectors being loose. Over the last year as the truck has sat I have done work on the harness to clean it up where the loom was missing and oil soaked in spots. I removed everything on the passenger side so I could clean years of grime off the inner fender and repaint it to include the support for the harness and test ports.  The wire loom was junk so it was replaced and each wire was cleaned to remove caked on oil and dirt, then new shrink wrap and looming. The injector harness was swapped out for one from an 88.  After pulling the wires out of the back of the C101 to finish cleaning out the tar I found out that there were different wire colors between 87 and 88 at the C101. Naturally I had also made the mistake of not writing down the inside half so had much fun trying to figure it out by using a spare harness I have.  When I cleaned up the harness, I took each related group of wires and shrink wrapped followed by 1/4 loom for each group.  By doing it this way I found several areas such as the sensors where there was several inches of unnecessary wiring. Plan is to build a harness from scratch in the future so that excess is eliminated. I also plan to eliminate wiring for the automatic trans that I will never have in it, etc. Pictures show mockup and as it sits now. 

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