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Newb with questions I did a search but didn't find the answers

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New guy here. Did a search. Didn't find what I am needing. Doesn't mean it's not here, just didn't find it.


1) How do you post a photo on this site? Thought I would post a photo of the MJ I just purchased.


2) What is renix?


3) Most important. We have a 91 with an Auto trans. A couple times on the way from Oregon where I purchased the truck to MN where we live the ignition switch failed when cranked into the start position. I cranked it back into the accessory position then back into the start position and the truck fired right up.


3-A) Is this common?


3-B) Is the switch about to fail?


3-C) Is there a write up on how to change it?


The truck has a high pinion dana 30 front axle and a dana 44 rear with 265/70/16's on Rubicon wheels. The speedometer reads 10 mph faster than you are traveling.


4) Is there a fix for the speedometer?




Any links you can share to assist will be appreciated.



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i can answer a few here 


2. Renix refers to a French auto manufacturer that helped build some bits that were installed in the early Comanches. read more about it here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renix


4. my guess for the fix on the speedo would be to find a new speedometer gear, as far as which one you would need to get your speedo to correctly read again i do not know. some of the folks on here will be better help with that.

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Hope this helps a little:


1 - List the MJ's year, engine & trans in your sig - Will aid others offering help/opinions.


2 - Most every thing needed can be found in DIY Projects and Tech Writeups in the forum section.


3 - RENIX isn't germane to your '91 - mostly - almost anything is possible with these year Jeeps & any year PO.


4 - You can bet the farm on what Cruiser has to say.


You're gonna like it here.

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3)  Probably your neutral safety switch (NSS).  It's located on the side of your transmission.  It's easy to locate and remove.  If you clean it out really well, shine up the connectors, and put in fresh dialectric grease, you should be good to go.


There are lots of write-ups on how to do it.  It's a great little project for a new Jeep owner.  

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If you look in the "testing" forum, there are a couple threads that should help you in posting pics. The gist is that ComancheClub.com doesn't host pics, so you need to use an external image host and link to it.


I wouldn't discount the ignition switch right away. It could just be out of adjustment. While cleaning the neutral safety switch (NSS) can't hurt, is easy, and doesn't take very long, when mine was giving me problems, rocking the key didn't ever help. Sometimes shifting to neutral and back to park a whole bunch helped, but more often than not I wound up shorting the starter solenoid.


Is your speedometer always out 10mph, or does it change with speed? There are speedometer gear charts out there that take into account tire size and gear ratio to find out which gear you need. They're cheap and it's a quick swap, but if your speedometer is a consistent 10mph out at every speed, a new gear won't fix it. My metric speedometer is a consistent 10km/hr out, has been that way since I got it, and in my mind isn't worth the effort to fix it. But then I'm the only one who drives it, and I know to compensate, might not be the case for you I suppose.


I'd post links to stuff, but I'm on my phone. Sorry about that.

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Thanks fellas! I need to locate the switch. Is the electrical part directly lined up behind the mechanical switch or does it have a linkage from the back of the mechanical switch to an electrical switch down the column? I need to get a manual I guess.  

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