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Aftermarket/homemade Center Consoles

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I'm not sure if it came from the factory like this or what. My 88' Pioneer lwb, came with 2 bucket seats and I'm guessing a bench seat shift lever/4x4 lever cover console thing, with nothing in between the seats. I got a oem center console from one of you guys here on the forum and I installed it in my 90' Eliminator, and I didnt like it very much. So I'm wondering what else is available out there in the aftermarket center console world? Anybody have one?


I'm about to get a universal locking one from ebay or walmart. Extra security and cup holders lol

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Currently installed in my MJ are Eliminator buckets but the full console purchased with the seats is just sitting.  

It's the column shift that keeps the console un-installed.  It is just a personal preference for me. 

Others have done it but just not my choice. But would like to have a place for my "truck junk" and cup holder would be nice.

And yes even have the cup holder option thing supplied with my factory console and it has not gotten me to install it. 



Actually have considered the Tuffy locking center console.  





Had one in a prior 90 Jeep YJ.  Good quality product. 


Some of the newer model are pretty cool looking but smaller like what is in the newer Wranglers. 


Would probably "alter" the cup holders to hold bigger stuff. Use large cycling and Nalgene bottle mostly.


Need to stubble across one on CL and get it on the cheap. 

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If I did not have a 97-up console in my MJ, I was considering using one of my ammo cans as storage/arm rest. And some kind of cupholders.

But, the 97-up console looks better and has cupholders! 

I also have the later model center console in my Renix XJ. A friend and I have contemplated figuring out a clean simple way to make the console lockable. 

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