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XJ/MJ Facebook group for the west coast

Dom U

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Hey guys the other day I meet a fellow MJ owner and we were talking and have ran across each other on FB once before on XJ/MJ proud, as I'm sure most of you know that group. Anyways, we started talking about how there wasn't a group dedicated to certain regions/states for people to connect with another. Or if a XJ/MJ guy wanted to take a trip to said state region. He would be able ask people from there etc. Yes a lot of forums have sub forums for states etc but not.much actual dedication to a region or state. So I decided to creat a FB group for closer to home. Anyone is welcome to join how ever I would like to keep it smaller and focused on the region but I won't deny anyone with valuable and mature input and knowledge. Knowledge is power! Come check us out


XJ/MJ Of The West Coast




Thought I'd share incase anyone is interested in joining (:

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