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Hi...new here...but not new to forums...or Jeeps. 

I recently acquired a 1990 MJ, Eliminator. It's been sitting in a barn for about 14 years after it was used to hit a pole... ;)

I'm wondering if you guys think the damage is fixable. The frame is clearly bent and at a later date I am willing to obtain professional help to straighten it...if it's possible.




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I'm thinking of buying a parts XJ and converting it to 4wd. That was the original plan, though I have a friend that thinks I should fix it and drive it as on original 2wd Eliminator...

I didn't think the damage was excessive, but I am by no means a body guy...and I've not had to deal with a bent unibody (uniframe?) before.

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ANYTHING can be fixed.


This is going to sound crazy, but it is true. There was a guy in NAXJA-NAC ten-plus years ago who had what started out as an '86 XJ 2.8L. He got it in his head that he wanted to convert it to a 4.0L, but his was an early '86 with the firewall issue. He was buddies with the owner of a small, independent used car lot and repair shop that sort of specialized in Jeeps. So he took it to his buddy and they brainstormed how to convert his XJ with the least effort.


What they decided on was to take a newer XJ that had been rear ended, and use that as the donor. They cut both trucks clear through just behind the A pillar, then welded the newer nose onto the '86 body. You can't tell by looking at it, but I've been underneath and you can see the welds. That's what they did. A new front frame ear is nothing to get excited about.

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