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Ebay used TJ D44 axles

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The rear TJ D44 is a good axle. Obviously, you'll need to weld on perches for leaf springs.


The front TJ D44 is a D44 center section with the same Cs and knuckles as the D30 used on other TJs, XJs and MJs. The primary advantage to it is that it allows running the same gears as the rear, and you can get deeper gears for the D44 than you can for the D30. If you're getting both for $500 IMHO it sounds like an okay deal. If it's $500 for one -- well, I don't know. A few years ago people in NAXJA were cheerfully paying $500 to $600 for just a rear XJ D44, but those days are gone. Nobody pays that much for them any more.

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