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Dipstick ground location?

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On the white circle its my dipstick location, and thats were it connects to te engine block. And on the circle its my battery cable so, my ground would be on the battery cable then?


I found yours by following the battery ground cable in the first picture.


OP, you might want to clean things up down there. It'll make things a lot easier to find.

I'm on it, but first doing all the cruisers tips, bte i just bought this truck last week haha


Image Not Found

Why is my setup different cruiser?
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The white circle is indeed where the dipstick enters the block. The bolt that holds the upper part of the stick tube to the block is where the ground is. Look further up.


I'm starting to think mine doesnt have one

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I only saw that. But I think thats the one for the battery. I'm going to try to clean it first so I can find that ground. That may explain alot of problems that I have.

Thanks ParadiseMJ, uploading more pics with what I can find soon.

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