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Gauge cluster illumination

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the illumination on my cluster hasnt worked since i put the new cd player in. i figure i forgot a wire on the cd player since the past owner cut the harness out and i had to straight wire it in. but i don't see a wire i missed. also when i press the brake the right turn signal lights up on the dash. and on the front of the truck. this has been happening since before i got the jeep. its doesnt flash just illuminates the little arrow and the marker lights. not sure how to fix that ether. any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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The headlight switch rotates to dim the dash (gauge) lights. I don't remember which way, but all the way in one direction turns them off completely. If they're all out I would look to that, or consider a bad headlight switch, because there are something like 6 or 8 individual bulbs in there, and it would be extremely unlikely they'd all be burned out at once.

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