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ax15 for 4.0 swap

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ok so today i got my clutch kit and the only thing that doesnt fit is the pilot bearing. i ordered a 1993 clutch kit and its to big. i found the bearing at autozone but it doesnt include the sleeve for the bearing to be pressed into and then into the back of the engine. Does any know of a bearing i can order (.586 inside diameter i think because the one i got is .75) that will fit the sleeve for a 1994 engine ?

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Looks like you have an 89/90 era AX15 ... They had a smaller Pilot diameter vs the 92 and later which were .75" Pilot.

Not sure what you need to do there, check advanced adapters for a bushing, I think they have one (was about $10 last I recall).

I know a CJ V8 Pilot is used with pre 95 4.0s and a later AX15. But you are adapting the other way.

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