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Project "hater proof"

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Yeah thanks man that made a world of difference. Sorry it took me so long but Ive been slavin away on the damn thing. She's been re-dubbed "born to run". So as of right now, the fog lamps and a 20" light bar are mounted up on my rollbar and wired in all nice and purdy. I blacked out all my old grey interior. The plastic dash cover section is now monster energy green. She's got a 98 front end now (just panels and front clip) all jet blacked. Contemplating making the plastic grill sections green to match the interior. Broke my b pillar cover. Realized I lost the passenger kick panel thing. She's got a new heater core alternator battery. cb goes in tomorrow. Gonna fix the door hinges tomorrow. And then next payday she's getting the closed to open Cooling swap. Then we gotta figure out new bumpers, flares lift and tires >:)

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To post picts make a free account and download to photobucket ..after downloading to photobucket then click on the chain logo and go to image then copy image to your clipboard and then paste to ur post! Hope that helps ya some..I had a hard time figuring that our myself.

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