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2wd to 4wd...the question that has been asked a 10000000X

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OK so I am sorry to ask this butt i have been online looking for the last 2 weeks...I have a 88 MJ 2wd with a 4.0 auto that i got non running for 500 bucks.
Now that i know she runs i want to do the 4wd conversion on her before first snow fallfist%20shake%201.gif . I all ready know that i need to cut the rear drive shaft an all that mumbo jumbo I just need to know if the trans an case i picked up from a 89-90 4.0 mj will bolt right up an plug in the tcu or did i need to get that as well? Also the t case looks like it has vacuum ports for the 3 piece dana 30(or what ever its called) could i just plug them up an still use it or am i shiz out of luck with that one? 
just need this going for the winter as i will be doing the hole 97+ swap in the summer.




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Bassed on those years, the trans will bolt right up to the 4.0.


As for the Tcase, if the D30 has the two piece CAD, you can perform the CAD fix (search in the DIY section) and the vacuum line are not necessary. If the D30 is from a later year (don't remember when) the CAD was eliminated, so the same rules apply.

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