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Fan Clutch - 2.5

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Fan clutch is just about seized up; barely any rotation when cold and hot, and seems to be "stuck" when trying to turn the fan by hand. Bought a new one several months ago and am probably going to change it out within the next few days; temperature is running about 15-20 degrees hotter than it was prior to wearing completely out.


According to the repair book and All-Data (perk of going to school) it's just the 4 bolts holding onto the FC onto the shaft. Before I go tearing this down, is there any special tools or w/e I'm going to need to install the new one? Just wanted to double check before I go to work tonight. Seems like it should be a fairly straight forward procedure, but you never know.. As always, help is appreciated. :cheers:

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They do you just gota search the exploded view of removing these parts...


Edit: they don't have Mitchell?

That one is great for international vehicles....

All data is great for American vehicles

Tried everything I could as far as All Data goes; they only have the procedure on how to D&R. And no, no Mitchell, to my knowledge. They're paying a good chunk a year for All Data as it is. Truck seems to run a bit smoother, but it's still running at around 210-20 or so, though it fluctuates back down to just under 210 on take off and idle. Possibly thinking the higher temperature readings could be in part to ambient temperature down here. Heat index is usually almost 105 every day, with a good % of humidity to boot.


Also, that sucker was a PITA to unbolt. Going out on a limb and saying it was the original one, considering the condition it was in when I cleaned it up some to inspect it.

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