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Can someone tell me what this thing is?

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Thanks for the quick reply. I would never had guessed that. It had a smoked plastic cover on it that quickly fell apart without much coaxing. I slid out the piece that was left behind and scratched my head as to what it was. Thanks again for the info.

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Hey All!


Recent CC joinee here, and I thought I would piggy-back on this topic. I've driving a 91' for about a decade now. Runs great but is suffering from the dreaded rot. I thought I would start identifying and pricing parts to replace those that are flaking off as I drive down the road. I am having a devil of a time identifying the square panels on either side of the cowl between the hood and the windshield.  I would post a pic, but I haven't quite figured out how yet.  Any help would be most welcome...Thanks!




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Actually that is a separate body piece as shown in the diagram below, part number 1, (55028143). It's spot-welded it. I doubt you will ever find a new one though.



EDIT: The part number has been changed to 55175386AB. This part looks like it's still available from several sources for around $200. 

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