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Hey guys I'm new to the group but i just have a question i have a 1992 comanche elimiator my dad bought brand new. He drove it until 2007 and then parked it for five years. We got it all going and jt runs like a champ my daily driver i put a 4 1/2 rough country suspension lift on it, but I'm looking for more lift. I know they don't make mj body lifts but can i have some suggestions on other ways to get another 3 in of lift. I was thinking about a coil spacer jn the front and shackle lift in the back but let me know what you guys think. Also I'm looking for a visor! I think they look mean as hell on manches but i can't find one! Any if you have info on these topics lmk please!

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Lund hasn't made visors for cherokee's or comanche for a while now, your best bets on finding one is getting lucky at a junk yard, or ebay. They have some Cherokee visors on Ebay from Poland I think it was, not terrible price but shipping was close to doubling the overall price.

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Cherokee visors don't fit, the roof is lower on them.


6.5" will clear 33s (you only need 2" more) without trimming, but you will need to regear or it will get crap for mileage and power.


Things that are a MUST for 6.5"

Upper control arms

lower control arms

Track bar

(Control arms and track bar from 4.5" will NOT be long enough unless they are adjustable to the proper length)

Sway bar links/quick connects

All new Ujoints in driveshafts (changing the angle that much will toss Ujoints real quick if they are old and used to their original angle of operation).


Things you should do for that kind off lift

Long arms or lower control arm drop brackets

Preferably buy a trackbar with bushings or flex (NOT HEIM) joints on both ends as well as the HD bracket for it

New stainless braided brake hoses

New steering, whether an upgrade or simple replacement of wear parts.




You do NOT need a transfercase drop.

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