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closed system?

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So this '88 chief 4.0 has the closed cooling sytem? i gather its called that because there is no radiator cap. Yes i'm that inexperienced. So question is, as I make ready for first ignition, how do i judge how much water/coolant is in the system? also should i be concerened about the contents after the truck has been sitting for over a year w/o being started?

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At the top of the firewall on the passenger side there's a plastic, lozenge-shaped bottle with a cap on it. That's the coolant reservoir. It is also pressurized when running, and serves as an expansion/surge tank. THERE IS NO OVERFLOW ON THE CLOSED SYSTEM.


The reservoir should be filled halfway when cold. Look inside and you should see a post with a notch cut in it. Fill to the notch.

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