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1990 Pioneer project "Swap Over"

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I picked up a 2 owner 1990 Pioneer a few days ago. Overall the mj is in pretty good shape, besides a few small dangs and the big dent it the tail gate!

This is my first mj, over the years I've had 5 xj's. From what the factory window tag says it has the bigger fuel tank, dana 44 with trac lock and skid package. The plans are to swap most of the aftermarket parts from my 94 xj over to the mj. 


I need to do a tune up as the mj was sitting for over a year. I need to smog it so any tips of what should be done before CA smog are welcome. The 94 has the H.O. motor that was rebuilt about 5000 miles. Not sure if I want to swap the motor in to the mj at this point?


I don't have any good photos of the mj at this point, these well  have it do.








Here's my 94 xj most of the parts are getting swapped from.



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Looking good Jon, I like it. Is it a long bed? It's gonna look good once you get a lift and those 33's on it.


I saw that truck on CL with the Seadoo deal, time to hit the lake!


Yes it is a long bed  :fs2: short bed mj's are going for a lot more... Seems like I couldn't find a 4.0L 4x4 short bed for under $4000.


Yes can't wait to hit the lake up, its been years since I've had a seadoo.


Let me know when you get back, I could use a hand getting the mj ready for JV in November. 

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Bring the Crew with you and we'll make a week of it!


Don't think that's likely to happen.




So I was taking a look under the mj and notice the leaf pack didn't look stock to me.


I'm thinking that the 2 larger leafs and load helpers?




So my qustion is should I remove the leafs before doing SOA? I'm shooting for 5-5.5in of lift in the rear using the xj dana 44.

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I believe you have a big ton package as do I, my leafs are the same. I seen that you mentioned at the beginning of the post, it has a dana 44.  that is part of this package. I don't know the answer to your lift question, but I would prob keep them unless they for some reason stop you from doing what you want. 

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Well got some work done on the MJ. Did a oil change, plugs, wires, cap and rotor along with a new fuel filter.



I had a bad exhausted leak, so I started to rip in to the jeep only to find out the header was cracked in a few spots.



As you can kind of see the one of the cracks here.


Since I had everything out of the way. I decided to replace the motor mount with some beefy ones made by a NAXJA.ORG member that I had sitting around


Here's a shot with them installed

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