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Brake Booster Upgrade Spacer ?

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I'm planning on upgrading to the dual diaphragm booster on my manche but read that there's a 3/4 inch spacer required between the firewall and booster, do any of you know if the only vehicles with the spacers are the 95 and 96 XJ's or can they be found in other model year vehicles? thanks in advance.

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I got mine off of a 98 ZJ, and it came with the spacer. You do not want it, if you use it, it'll push the booster too far out and your brake pedal will appear to be pushed in, plus you won't be able to depress it enough to get full braking force. This is my experience, best bet to be sure is to measure the length of your old booster rod and the rod of the new one. If the old one is longer than the new one with the spacer attached, remove the spacer. 


Watch this video, it'll answer all your questions and show you exactly how do install it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPL2ZqcDQoY&index=3&list=FLN4Z-G7MrQnP3ha7tBtn4Ww

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I got a booster from a 96 XJ and the spacer was 1/4" thick. Installed it on my 88 with the spacer and didn't notice any difference in the pedal height.

That's my experience also. But, there's not an abundance of 95 to 96 XJs out there. We need another solution.


With the ZJ booster, was it necessary to bend the pinch-weld up? 

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